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Barter Money Global Helping School & College Students

Students have skills that is of great value but have no way to turn their skills into money. If you are a student, can you design websites, know social media, advertising, marketing, a computer tech, computer programmer, into communications, graphics arts, etc.? We have Members that are ready to pay you Barter Money Global$ for those skills.

Our Members normally pay a cash Membership Fee when they join Barter Money Global and a 10% cash broker fee when they make a purchase. Because students do not normally have a lot of cash, Barter Money Global offers students a special payment plan. Instead of Student Members paying cash fees, they will pay all their fees with Barter Money Global$, when we bring buyers for a student’s products or services.

This means that unless we bring you someone to pay you Barter Money Global$ for your service it will never cost you anything to be a Barter Money Global Member. In addition, you will never pay us any cash.

Now does that sound “just too good to be true?” Yes it does, but in this case it is true.

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