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Are you running at 100% capacity? Are you swamped with backorders? If you are among the fortunate few you certainly have my congratulations, if not I have a program for you. Discounting your prices? Barter Money Global can sell your excess capacity at fair market value, paying you with Barter Money Global money. Then you can use your Barter Money Global money to purchase products and services you need from other Barter Money Global Members.

Do we have a magical program that will produce all that? No but it sure works like magic. You may be surprised to know that we have been using just such a program that has been tried and proven since 1989. This incredible program which requires a willingness on your part to open your mind to new ideas. Remember, minds are like parachutes, they do not work unless they’re open.

Why are Manufactures worldwide turning to Barter Money Global to increase their sales? Because Barter Money Global will guarantee you additional sales, and they will always be additional sales, never replacing existing cash sales.

How about an additional credit line? How about one that you never have to worry about paying back?

A Barter Money Global loan can be used for any number of purposes, for example to fund a company expansion that would not have been practically done for cash. Another form of creative financing is using Barter Money Global money to pay down debts or collect receivables. If a Barter Money Global Member cannot afford to pay cash for a debt owed, perhaps there is something available on Barter Money Global they will accept in lieu of cash. The reverse can also apply; a company that owes money and cannot or will not pay in cash may in fact have something else that Barter Money Global can sell to settle the debt. The debtor can sell this product to Barter Money Global money, which then pays its Account Barter Money Global money in the amount owed.

Barter Money Global offers its Members the ability to tap into new geographical market.

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